Discover John Cole’s Outfitting, Hunting & Fishing Guide Services June 23rd, 2024  

All of our spring bear hunts are by controlled hunt application only. The deadline for applications is February 10th , with results available by February 20th. We are located in the South Blue Mts. Units hunt #746A.

All of our spring bear hunts are spot and stalk

Our season is April 15 - May 31.

We use our Cottonwood ranch as a base on these hunts. We will be covering a tremendous amount of territory during this hunt, using four wheel drives, ATV’s or horses, depending on the area we are hunting and the weather conditions. Long hours glassing cross canyon are the norm, and at least average physical condition is a must. Most bears are shot while feeding on spring green up, from across canyons. So it is must know where your rifle is hitting at all ranges up to 350 yards. All color phases of black bears are present in the South Blue Mts., although the most common colors are chocolate and coal black.

During the hunt we will provide; meals, lodging, transportation after arrival, 1 on 1 guide, packing, skinning and meat care to our cooler. You will be responsible for processing the hide and meat. 7 day hunt - $2495.00 

This is an excellent hunt to combo with a spring turkey hunt, bears are most active in the afternoons and turkey hunting is most productive in the morning. The combination of the two is an action packed hunt from first light to dusk each day. 7 day combo hunt - $2,950.00